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Kevin Click

Frethouse records

Kevin Click

Kevin Click is an L.A. based singer-songwriter and recording artist that seemingly grew up in two different worlds: American pop radio and his family’s country music and values. Strong storytelling, profound lyrics, soulful vocal delivery and a passionate live performance make Kevin a rising force in the mainstream Country Music market today.

His first single, ‘Flight 409', from his upcoming album “Do It All Again” will be available September 6th, 2019.


Release Dates

September 6th
Flight 409 - Single

October 4th
Something Other - Single

October 18th
EP Release

November 1st
Heartache - Single

November 22nd
Do It All Again - Full Length Album



Jed and Claire Seneca

frethouse records

Jed and Claire Seneca

Jed and Claire Seneca is an award winning country husband-and-wife duo with compelling positive songs about love, relationships, marriage, and God. Jed and Claire have quite the touring and release resume including CCM magazine and Ransom Records.

They’re back in the studio and slated to release a full length album in early 2020.


Release Dates

Early 2020
New Music Coming Soon



Radiance - We Need Your Presence.jpg

Blind eye worship


Worship band Radiance is a diverse multicultural group that heralds from influential churches across North America offering their teachings through music. Made up of six members, each brings their faith and passion to their incredible original worship music. Their first album, “Eyes To See,” will be available January 2020.



August 23rd
We Need Your Presence - Single

August 30th
We Need Your Presence - Video

September 20th
Gracefully Broken - Single

September 26th
Gracefully Broken - Video

October 18th
Beautiful Mercy - Single

October 25th
Beautiful Mercy - Video

November 15th
Eyes to See - EP

November 22nd
The Word & Your Love Video

January 2020
Eyes To See - Album